Current Locations of Cornell Casts

Many casts are stored in single faculty offices and therefore not accessible for everybody. We also know that in previous years faculty have taken single casts to their homes. Let us remind you that these objects are Cornell property and therefore not supposed to leave campus. Please help us to restore this precious resource and bring them back!

Below is a list of locations in which casts are on public display (hallways, general offices or classrooms). Not all of them have so far been catalogued and are therefore not yet part of the database:

  • Goldwin Smith Hall - ground floor; first floor; second floor
  • Lincoln Hall
  • Sibley Hall
  • Herbert F. Johnson Museum - mezzanine of 1st floor: head of horse from the Parthenon pediment
  • White Hall
  • McGraw Hall
  • Uris Library - A.D. White Library: reproductions of gemstones and medallions from ancient Greek and Roman antiquity and the Renaissance
  • Olin Library - room 606 (Classics Lounge): slab from the Parthenon frieze
  • Friedman Wrestling Center - Entrance hall: the “Uffizi Wrestlers”

Please let us know if you have spotted more elsewhere!