Haynes in Anatolia, 1884 and 1887

Prior to the departure of the Wolfe Expedition, Haynes and Sterrett had spent the summer of 1884 traveling across central Anatolia, paying particular attention to lesser studied, pre- and post-classical monuments: the rock-cut Byzantine complexes of Cappadocia, for example, and the Bronze Age sanctuary at Eflatunpınar. In 1887, Haynes undertook a second extended journey with camera, this time without Sterrett. This trip allowed Haynes to revisit some familiar sites, especially in Cappadocia, and to devote extended attention to the monuments of the Phrygian highlands, including (but not at all limited to) the rock-cut monuments at “Midas City.” This second trip also resulted in the earliest known photographs of the ruined Byzantine structures at Binbirkilise (“The Thousand and One Churches”).

Haynes’s camp at Eflatunpınar. SSID 12561344.